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OptimizeMe Nutrition

A personalized nutrition plan using only the most robust science-backed, evidence-based nutrition available

Built in 30 days to last a lifetime, without impossible food restrictions or being handcuffed to a food scale the rest of your life.

Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) eligible!
Health and fitness is as much a part of your identity as breathing oxygen, but..

Paleo worked, then it didn't.
Same with keto. Same with macros.

You've done all the diets. Read all the books. Listened to all the podcasts. Yet here you are. STILL struggling to lose weight, keep it off with enough day-to-day energy to thrive.

How do you STILL have these diet challenges?

Conflicting Data

You're fascinated by the science of nutrition. But there's way too much conflicting scientific research out there to plow through by yourself. Are eggs healthy this year or not? #seriously


And it seems like new science is published every day.

Impossibly Restrictive

Some diets are so restrictive and have so many rules, you can't even eat with your family or go to dinner with friends, let alone work trips.


And what's with the weird supplements some try to sell you?

Measuring & Weighing Food

"I love tracking and measuring my food intake," said no one ever. The more complicated the diet is, the less likely you are to stick with it. #truth


You spend a ton of time working out and it doesn't seem to be paying off. You'd love your body to reflect all the hard work you do.

Not Sustainable

Diets work great when you have eight hours of meal prep time on your hands. But the rest of us live in a real world with unpredictable schedules, vacations, and taking our kids trick or treating.

Rebecca speaks for us all.

"Everything was so restrictive...I could do it for a short period of time and I'd hit my goal weight. But nothing was sustainable.

Why am I spending all this effort to do this 30-day restrictive diet only to then have literally no plan afterwards to sustain?"

Rebecca C.
Spring 2022

So, what works?

Science offers a sustainable nutrition plan that gets results where all those other diets fail.

An evidence-based nutrition plan:
"How much can I eat to lose weight? How much can I eat to maintain?"

"The million-dollar question that a lot of us are looking for. Getting that magic number at the end is worth the whole thing right there."
Gail V.
"The fact that E.C. is completely based in research is really helpful to me."

"When you ask for further explanation, there will be copious amounts of research that she'll back it up with. But she won't give us research just for the sake of giving research."
Sam L.

Science-backed. Evidence-based.

Hi, I'm EC Synkowski, and I just wanted a nutrition program that used only the most robust science-based nutrition instead of going down every new diet rabbit hole out there.

CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4)

10 years ago, as a CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4), I went down every diet rabbit hole out there and still couldn't find the right diet to give me enough energy for high-intensity workouts without jumping through hoops, eating dinner in isolation every night, or taking weird supplements.

Science-backed. Evidence-based.

That frustration led me to take a deep dive into evidence-based science to develop a custom nutrition plan for myself. 

Plowing through the conflicting science took a ton of time but it changed everything. I finally knew which diets were unsupported by science. I discovered rigorously-tested nutrition and behavior strategies that rapidly improved my athletic performance... and finally gave me control over my fitness outcomes again.

Finally! A sustainable plan

The science was clear: restrictive diets will help you lose weight in the short term. But fail at helping you maintain that weight loss. Paleo, keto, macros all work...for a while. And then they don't. 

So how do you stick to a diet when none of them work?

You build a nutrition plan around the foods you love that still allow you to hit your fitness goals.

And this is the where Masterclass differs from the fad diets that will fail you. 

"It gives you a formula to figure out exactly what works for you."

"I think having that ownership and power and control can really help create something that, foundationally, you can do for forever."
Megan P.

The science behind the results - Three
Pillars Method

Pillar 1 - Quality

Everything starts with how we fuel our bodies. The quality pillar ensures that your nutritional intake is fully maximized with vitamin-packed food groups.

Pillar 2 - Protein

Protein is a multi-faceted super-nutrient. This pillar plays a vital role in keeping our meals satiating while also burning excess fat reserves.

Pillar 3 - Calories

Our caloric intake has to be less than our caloric output. This pillar ensures that we maintain the caloric deficit that’s needed to lose weight - but keeping the foods you love.

Masterclass Experience with 1:1 Live Coaching with EC

12 weeks of RESULTS-BASED coaching with E.C. with only the most robust science to get the fitness performance and weight results you want, including:

Your Personal Caloric Deficit Calculator

Know exactly how to calculate your weight loss deficit and maintenance deficit based on your genetics, fitness level, age, and food preferences for any age, for any fitness goal.

A Sustainable Food Plan

Build your food plan around the foods you love, while still hitting caloric targets, so it's a sustainable diet.

Custom One-to-One Coaching Schedule

Your results-based coaching sessions are scheduled to accommodate your program progression and calendar availability, and include:

We start with a one-hour welcome consult to set goals and your plan development.

Up to 8 more results-based 30-minute follow-up sessions based on your unique nutrition plan progression.

You can book as you go, or plan out all sessions on the first day. Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance.

"In the Moment" Email Coaching

No more waiting for a weekly appointment or the next call to get answers you need AS ISSUES COME UP in a results-based program. You have unlimited email access to E.C. to stay on your progression track.

A Foundational Masterclass Course

Instant, and lifetime, access to step-by-step coaching videos, and resources, on your own time. 

"You were way more accessible than I was expecting."

"I was always amazed at how quickly you gave thoughtful responses. I was just really impressed. It felt like you were always there."
Heather B.

30-Days to science-based personal nutrition plan

The energy needs of fitness enthusiasts, like you, exceed those of the average person. Here’s how we personalize nutrition to work for you. For life.

I structured this coaching program to arrive at the most accurate personal caloric deficit within the first 30-to-40 days. This gives you another 50 days of personalization coaching that allows us to refine your nutrition plan with actual data. However, you’re welcome to go at your own pace within the full 12-week program.

Choose scientifically sound nutrition, you'll use forever.

What your fellow health & fitness enthusiasts experienced

“I had 4 vacations during Masterclass and still lost 5 pounds."

That was the game changer for my husband. He’s mentioned several times how happy he is now we can go out to dinner and eat."

Gail V.
Fall 2023 

“I was just done sifting through all the contrary stuff out there."


"I started the class at 20.9% body fat mass; 198 pounds. Eight weeks later, I was down to 188 pounds; 15.8% body fat mass. Today I'm maintaining at 186 pounds."

Mac A.
Spring 2022 

“I ended up losing weight at 2,300 calories, which is still mind boggling to me."

"I just feel really empowered that I have the tools to know what I need; it's really freeing.”

Heather B.
Winter 2023

The best nutrition plan science has to offer, personalized to you.

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14-Day No-Questions Asked Refund Policy


Two payments of $1097 

14-Day No-Questions Asked Refund Policy

More fitness and health enthusiasts sound off

"The research side is really compelling."

"The most compelling to me is that EC's definitely got her finger on the pulse of what's happening in academia and current science. "

madeline image

Madeline M.
Fitness Coach, Spring 2023

"I wanted to clean up my body composition."

"And since I started the first week of the masterclass, I'm down 8-pounds. I'm happy with all the food I'm eating. I just feel good energy all the time. 

Rebecca C.
Spring 2022

"It doesn't have you handcuffed to a food scale for the rest of your life."

"The biggest thing is that this seems sustainable. Since my first week or two in, I said, 'this is sustainable.'"

Courtney H.
Spring 2023

The Unconfused Guarantee

I’m confident this coaching will give the clarity and confidence you’ve been looking for. I back my word up with a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee to make sure it meets your expectations. No questions asked. Just email me at

"Having pizza and some beers on the weekends and trick or treating with my kids and without agonizing over, 'well my diet starts Monday.'"

"I really think I feel much more confident in creating a sustainable lifestyle that will allow me to achieve the goals I have for decades to come while also enjoying my life right now."

Megan P.
Fall 2022

"That was a game changer for my marriage."  

"My husband was was like, 'Oh my gosh, we don't have to hide in the hotel room and eat weird stuff.'

He has mentioned SEVERAL TIMES how happy he is now we can go out to dinner."

Gail V.
Fall 2023

"You can have the brisket...the pizza with your family and you can still see results."

"My performance in my CrossFit workouts and my running, has increased so much over the last couple of months, it's kinda mind-blowing.

I wasn't expecting that."

Spring 2023

If fitness and health are important to you...

You’ve already gone down several diet rabbit holes.

You can keep trying every new diet. Or stitch together a nutrition plan that works for your unique needs from podcasts, YouTube and Google.

But you don’t have time for that at this point in your life.

Choose today on only the most robust science-based evidence for a personal nutrition plan customized to your unique characteristics—which 50 years of science proves is one of the key factors in diet success.

No gimmicks. No weird supplements. No unreasonable food ingredients, or timing restrictions.

This is how you’ll eat for life because the plan is built on the foods you love—and you still get results.

Where do you want to be in 30 days? 

Confident you’re using the best science? Lighter? Crushing your workouts? Scrolling past the latest social media fad diet? 

Showing up with that lean physique that shows you put in the work?

If today’s the day you’re done with fad dieting nonsense, and you want a personalized sustainable diet

You’re in the right place