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Lazy Macros® Meals

This is basically a burger-n-fries-meal … without the bun and “fries” that count for your #800gChallenge®. Turned on the oven for the first time in a couple months to roast some sweet potatoes. Put Old Bay seasoning on them because #ImFromMaryland, but cumin and cayenne pepper (2:1) is always a winner if you don’t have Old Bay. In the pic, greens were 90g, the tomato was 108g, and the sweet potatoes were 115g (total: 313g). The burger was about 3 oz cooked plus 1 oz cheese (28g protein). I added straight balsamic vinegar for dressing as I had enough fat in the burger and cheese.

What’s Lazy Macros®? Do the #800gChallenge® and add a protein target at 0.7g pro/lb bodyweight. Then continue to eat whatever else you want. Make a meal template by hitting 1/3 of your targets at each meal (>270g and 25-35g/pro for most) to make it easy. Check out the “Get Started” tab for more.