How to Audit Your Diet For Weight Loss

It’s a really common diet question: 

“I’m eating really clean, I’m working out, I’ve tried EVERYTHING but… I just am not losing weight. What should I do?”

If you’ve tried all. the. things. It is time to get serious and AUDIT your diet.

What does that mean? 

It means, it’s time to weigh and measure everything you eat.


You have to measure your baseline level of intake to see how and where your diet has more calories then you need (and more so, perhaps not in a favorable macronutrient distribution to support lean mass).

Wait, weigh and measure my food?

Yep! It doesn’t have to be forever. But, weighing and measuring your food for a period of time will provide you will an irreplaceable education. It teaches you what is in the food you like to eat, which items make you feel good, which items fill you up, and what items prevent you from reaching your goals.

How to do it?

Get a copy of this e-book that walks you through the process day-by-day. You’ll need to weigh and measure for a week and then analyze the data (calculator included) to make steps moving forward. This sounds like a big time investment! It is, but not relative to the time you have been frustrated with your diet and nutrition. Take the time to understand to really understand your diet and lay the groundwork to start seeing the results you want.