Gyms: Run the Lazy Macros Challenge

Looking for the next step after the #800gChallenge®? Run the Lazy Macros Challenge; it’s the #800gChallenge® plus Protein Challenge. And, it also includes lifestyle factors like sleep!

This 4-week plug-n-play nutrition challenge comes with the marketing and educational materials already done for you to reduce your work by 80%! No need to re-invent the wheel to get your members to eat healthily. After challenge purchase, you pick the price for members and drive sign-ups. It’s a win-win opportunity: members get better nutrition and you generate revenue. Gym leads should expect to spend a total of 30 hours to implement the challenge.

The Lazy Macros Challenge is available on Wodify and SugarWOD and it set-up similar to the #800gChallenge® on each platform – but the marketing and educational materials are new! Gyms should purchase the challenge at least 3 weeks out from when they want to start the challenge to take advantage of all the marketing materials.                                              

Both come with:

• Step-by-step instructions and calendar

• 10 Social Media Posts

• Blog Post

• 2 Email Templates to Members

• 2 Promotional Flyers

• Notes for Coach & Member Meetings

• Educational content throughout the challenge

• Real-time scoring and leaderboarding.

Find out more about the products here for Wodify and here for SugarWOD. Email info AT optimizemenutrition DOT com with questions or for product samples.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to run the #800gChallenge® before the Lazy Macros challenge. Members LOVE the simplicity of the #800gChallenge® (“We just finished the #800gChallenge® at my gym and everyone LOVED it! It’s a game-changer!” – Lisa L). Remember, these products are revenue opportunities for gym owners, so you can always run Lazy Macros after an #800gChallenge® success!