Join the 800+ gyms that have outsourced their nutrition challenges to OptimizeMe Nutrition.

Stop re-inventing the wheel to offer nutrition services.

Do you want to help members with nutrition with a fun, community event – without doing all the work?

Increase member services, engagement, and results with a nutrition challenge while increasing your revenue.

Run a plug & play nutrition challenge reducing your work by 80%.

Even if you have already run the popular #800gChallenge®, there is the Lazy Macros™ option (which adds protein and lifestyle components).

What's included in a plug & play nutrition challenge?

• Step-by-step instructions and content calendar
• Scoring rules (points system done for you)
• Real-time scoring and leaderboarding (because accountability works!)
• 10 Social Media Posts
• Blog Post
• 2 Email Templates for Members
• 2 Promotional Flyers
• Notes for Coach & Member Meetings
• Educational Content throughout the challenge (4 weeks!)
• Optional: At-home, no-equipment-needed workouts for every day of the challenge

Option 1: The #800gChallenge®

Eat 800 grams, by weight, of the fruits and veggies of your choice and then... anything else you want.

No eliminations. No restrictions.
Members love the simplicity – and the results!

Don’t use either SugarWOD and Wodify? Contact us for options.

Option 2: The Lazy Macros™ Challenge

Adds on to #800gChallenge® with scoring a protein target plus lifestyle components like sleep.

Yet still no dietary eliminations.

Don’t use either SugarWOD and Wodify? Contact us for options.

Want sample materials? Email us with which challenge you are interested and the workout tracking platform you use.