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Run the 800g Challenge with your company: a fun and inclusive program that everyone can do!

This is a done-for-you program that leads to healthier, more productive employees.

The diet plan your employees actually want to do.

Healthier employees are more productive employees. However, the program with so many corporate nutrition programs is they aren’t that engaging. 

Either the rules are too exacting, restrictive, or irrelevant.  Instead, they get flexibility, autonomy, and inclusivity. The result: no real engagement and no real change.

What about a corporate nutrition program that everyone can get behind? Seems the only thing people can agree on in nutrition is eating fruits and vegetables, so let’s do that.

Have employees focus on eating 800 grams of the fruits and vegetables of their choice each day, and be amazed how such a simple rule can have a radical impact on their overall wellbeing (and productivitiy!). 



Set a (Monday) start date at least 1 month away. 


Use our ready-made materials to get your group interested and organized. EC also runs a kick-off webinar to explain the what and why of the #800gChallenge®. 


Registration is run by us and is simple with the Wodify Rise app. 


The program runs for 4 weeks.  


kick-off webinar

The kick-off webinar is scheduled the Wednesday or Thursday before the Monday start. This gives employees time to learn about the program and get their questions answered before committing.


Short, educational videos to answer the common questions throughout the programs. Comprehensive ebooks are provided as well that include meal ideas and tips to making each day a success.


There is a interactive app to log points, leaderboard, and share meal ideas to encourage friendly competition and camaraderie. Offer prizes based on points or participation.


Participants can email EC with ANY questions throughout the program.



The #800gChallenge® was awesome for our company. It also allowed our community to learn about food in a way that is not typical for nutrition challenges. It allowed them to develop a healthier relationship with food.
Austin M.
Reebok, GM of Gym & Wellness Offerings
It was a huge success. It was the most engaged our company has been in a wellness or health initiative.
Allison G.
Vice President of Marketing, PUMA North America
It went great! Most reported they loved the content and many told me they find it to be a sustainable change to their diet, which is what I was hoping for.
Joe M.
Senior US Probation Officer, District of Maine


Most frequently asked questions and answers

The #800gChallenge® is usually well-received because of its simplicity and inclusivity. However, we are happy to work with you to build a custom program. 

Pricing starts at $1,000 for groups up to 50 people without any customization.

Use the group form to tell us your group size, and what you are looking for!

We hope your employees keep eating their fruits and veggies!

The idea is the 4 week program is long enough for them to build a habit to continue on their own.

Employees receive copies of the 800g Challenge ebook at the end of the program to serve as a lasting resource. 


Want more info? We'd love to hear from you.
Include your estimated group size and desired start date in your message.
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