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“Feeling Better” on the #800gChallenge®

This post addresses the second most common outcome from the #800gChallenge: people just “feel better” (i.e., better recovery). (Although check out these epic #800gChallenge weight loss transformations at CrossFit Diamond State!). Both responses – energy and recovery – likely come from the increase in micronutrients and phytochemicals in one’s diet.… Read More »“Feeling Better” on the #800gChallenge®

“More Energy” on the #800gChallenge®

There have been a variety of responses from people undertaking the 800-gram challenge (#800gChallenge™). The most common responses have been that people have “more energy” (better performance) or just “feel better” (better recovery). This post is the why of the “more energy” response; I will tackle the “feeling better” response… Read More »“More Energy” on the #800gChallenge®

You Can Cheat Any Diet

Most nutrition goals are pretty simple: to look good in a swimsuit and to be healthy. Of course, sometimes we put a short-term emphasis on #swimsuitgoals, but health is also a priority particularly in the long-term. As readers of this blog, you likely know that achieving those goals requires optimizing… Read More »You Can Cheat Any Diet

The Macros Series!

This video series was put together in partnership with Steve’s Paleo Goods. Here are four simple and foundational videos about the macros diet, how to determine your numbers, and considerations for adjusting your macros. Don’t get lost in all the advice of finding your “perfect” macros; a ton of progress… Read More »The Macros Series!