The 800-Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge) on Triib

Summer is winding down and gym-goers are flocking back to their exercise routines. It’s a perfect time for a gym owner to run a nutrition challenge that focuses on diet quality to shake off that summer vacation indulgence. OptimizeMe Nutrition has partnered with the gym management software Triib to offer the 800-gram challenge (#800gChallenge) to gyms Read more about The 800-Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge) on Triib[…]

Join the Social 800 Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge)!

From Monday, July 16 through Sunday, August 12, OptimizeMe Nutrition is running a “social” #800gChallenge. What makes it “social”? Every day, I will post on Instagram and YouTube of what I eat to hit the daily 800g target. Join me! No official registration, no points, just play along and stay on track with healthy eating this Read more about Join the Social 800 Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge)![…]

A Long(er) Analysis of Zone Versus Macros Calories

A couple of years ago, I wrote a short piece about hidden calories on the Zone Diet® versus macronutrient (“macros”) tracking. I concluded that fat grams in protein sources (i.e., hidden calories) was the primary variable for the different caloric intake when comparing Zone blocks to one’s total macros. More recently, I wanted a better Read more about A Long(er) Analysis of Zone Versus Macros Calories[…]