“Feeling Better” on the #800gChallenge™

As mentioned in the last blog post, “more energy” (better performance) is one of the two most common responses to those undertaking the #800gChallenge™. This post addresses the second most common outcome: people just “feel better” (i.e., better recovery). (Although check out these epic #800gChallenge weight loss transformations at CrossFit Diamond State!). Both responses – Read more about “Feeling Better” on the #800gChallenge™[…]

“More Energy” on the #800gChallenge™

There have been a variety of responses from people undertaking the 800-gram challenge (#800gChallenge™). The most common responses have been that people have “more energy” (better performance) or just “feel better” (better recovery). This post is the why of the “more energy” response; I will tackle the “feeling better” response in the next blog post. Read more about “More Energy” on the #800gChallenge™[…]