OptimizeMe Nutrition

Help others build habits that actually last

Want to coach others on the most sensible diets they’ll ever do?

Become an #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® coach!

You get access to teaching materials, licensing, and mentorship to teach others the proven diets created by EC Synkowski.


Complete the Three Pillars Method Masterclass

(Formerly called Nutrition Essentials Masterclass.) Send your certificate of completion and data analysis to EC.

Complete the Coaching Basics Course & Test

This is a short course covering basic coaching concepts, how the affiliate program works, access to some of the licensed materials, and a one-time test attempt (Fee: $129). Use the form below to contact EC if you are ready to get started.

Apply for Affiliation


• Ability to use the names & methodology of the #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® for coaching services

• Access to monthly calls with EC (and affiliated coaches) as well chat access in a Community app (starting Jan 2023)

• Listed on the OptimizeMe Nutrition website as an affiliated coach (starting Jan 2023)

• Licensed #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® ebooks for your clients

• Ability to run two group challenges a year with pre-made materials (value: $300+)

• Basic marketing templates


Affiliation is based on the size of your client base & digital footprint. 

Independent coaches and/or those part of a single boutique gym will be Tier 1. Larger businesses should contact us for pricing. 


Tier 1 – $1,200/per year 

–> Fee includes 75 #800gChallenge® ebook copies & 50 Lazy Macros® ebook copies (value: ~$1,250)

–> Additional benefits: 

• Fee discounted by Coaching Basics Course ($129) if affiliation is completed

• Affiliate marketing opportunities for Masterclass registrations (20%)


Starter Coach – $500/year

–> One-time opportunity for those new to health coaching only

–> Fee includes the 30 #800gChallenge® ebook copies & 20 Lazy Macros® ebook copies (value: ~$500)

Note: all affiliated coaches are required to have general & professional liability insurance. Though other companies can be used, you can estimate fees here


If you have any questions, use this form. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.