Is the #800gChallenge® Right for You?

The simplest eating plan you'll ever do.

Here's why over 10,000 people and 700 gyms have done it.


We spend $70 billion a year for diet and fitness fads yet 70% of people are overweight (CDC).

$70 billion a year, but not a lot of results.

Why do these diets fail?

You can’t stick to them. 

Many diets are based on elimination and restriction. But this isn’t sustainable because they make you eliminate all the foods you love, adhere to a rigid plan that doesn’t work with #reallife, and worse…

… make you focus on details that don’t matter anyway.

You can’t stick to it, you don’t get results, and then you are back to looking for another diet. This is why there are so many diet fads; they don’t focus on adherence over rules. 

The truth is you already know what a good diet looks like: it’s full of unprocessed whole foods – especially fruits and veggies.

Fruits and vegetables have been part of our dietary guidelines for years. This International Journal of Epidemiology “meta-analysis” of multiple studies finds that eating enough fruits and veggies each day can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, as well as overall mortality. Fruits and veggies are low in calories, so they are also a key food to lose weight.

I’ve combined these truths for health and weight loss with diet rules for a sustainable approach to nutrition: the #800gChallenge®

There is no “magic pill” for your weight loss or nutrition goals, but the #800gChallenge® is one thing I recommend to everyone. 

Over 10,000 and 700 gyms have experienced the #800gChallenge to improve weight, health, and athletic performance with one major diet change.

So, what makes the #800gChallenge® different than everything else? You:

1. Stop eliminating. Start adding.

When people think about diets, their first thought is: “What do I have to give up?” That deprivation mindset usually ends up in more cravings to which we cave – ending the diet soon after you began. 

It’s time to flip the script on dieting and focus on adding, not eliminating, foods.

When you commit to eating 800 grams of fruits and vegetables every day, it means that you don’t ever have to eliminate any foods.

Seriously, no foods are off-limits as long as you hit your 800-gram target each day. 

It turns out, you aren’t as hungry for junk food because you are pretty full of 800 grams of fruits and veggies. So, you naturally cut back on junk food that is the culprit for weight gain.

But can you see how different that is from feeling deprived because you can’t ever have your favorite ice cream or donuts? 

Instead of people feeling restricted and craving more sweets, they purposefully reach for more fruits and veggies. 

What do 800 grams of fruits and vegetables look like? It can fit on a standard dinner plate… although you wouldn’t want to eat that much in one sitting.

You won’t be hungry on the #800g Challenge®. You are satisfied without guilt or deprivation like Amy C.

“I am staying satiated longer during the day…

I love to eat and this lets me eat a lot of volume…

I feel more energized during the day…

This is so easy to do and it is sustainable long-term”

Amy C.

2. Embrace imperfection.

Not only can you stop eliminating the foods you love, but you can also stop trying to follow rigid rule structures that don’t account for your stressful job, two kids, or the difficulties of finding healthy food on a 10-hour airport layover. 

You don’t have to only eat a certain list of foods, in certain combinations, at certain times, count macros or calories, or follow a specific meal plan to have diet success. 

So many diets suggest a singular plan without letting you pick the foods you like, combine them in recipes you like, eat at the times you want, all while acknowledging you sometimes you have to deal with what’s available (hello, airport!) or what’s on sale.  

We can stop having all these silly rules. We can stop thinking there is some perfect plan or ideal that we keep failing to uphold. Eat a healthy daily dose of fruits and veggies and don’t worry about the rest. 

And that the occasional cheat food actually helps you sustain your diet motivation longer–without sacrificing any of the benefits of a healthy diet.

You are satisfied without guilt or deprivation like Mattie.

“The #800gChallenge® is the bomb…

My training is through the roof; I have zero cravings. 

If I want to be a human and have a drink or pizza, I don’t hate myself after. 

Hormonally, I feel like a million bucks.”

Mattie A.

3. Healthy eating without obsession.

Have you been told that fruit has “too much sugar”? Have you been afraid to eat a banana or grapefruit because of the insulin spike?

That is junk science. Fruit is a healthy addition to any diet.

“After some tough love from the creator herself of the #800gChallenge®, I did the unthinkable. I ate an entire grapefruit… And I did not gain weight, get inflamed, or develop diabetes. And for the first time in more than five years, I stopped attaching labels to fruits like “sugary” or “carb-y”…” 

Jessica Beacom, Dietician

We’ve been similarly told to eliminate beans. They, too, been made out to be an unhealthy food…  but have you ever really seen anyone, anywhere eating too many black beans?

All these obsessive food rules about fruit, or beans, or white potatoes, need to go. 

Our chronic disease epidemic is not because people are eating too many fruits and starchy vegetables. 

We need people to eat more of them not less.

And these overly obsessive food rules have resulted in unnecessary neuroses without the benefit. 

It’s time to stop the fear-mongering and start increasing the diversity of fruits and veggies in the diet to get the widest breadth and depth of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber types

Why the #800g Challenge® works

Regardless of the veggies and fruits you choose to eat to hit your daily target, 800 grams fills you up quickly with high-nutrient, low-calorie food. 

That leaves you a sizable calorie inventory you can fill with your protein foods, nuts, whole grain, or even that donut.

Yet you won’t have stomach capacity for that whole bag of Oreos. It’s a way to control your total food quantity without counting calories and macros. 

“It’s really changed things for me – I’ve lost about 9 pounds in 3-4 weeks. And I appreciate the simplicity. It makes a ton of sense without gimmicks.” 

Robert F.

So you see that weight loss and management doesn’t need to be hard. 

And the easier your diet is, the more sustainable it is which means you stick to it for long enough to see real results.

And that’s why I created the #800gChallenge®. It is the tried and true nutrition information we all know works without the rules and restrictions that don’t.

Kelly Starrett, Doctor of Physical therapy and Co-Founder The Ready State, is an #800gChallenge® fan!

Improving body composition and performance including a 600-lb pull at 45 years young? Gotta give the tissues what they need. 

I hate nutrition. I read The Zone in 1997. I hate measuring, I don’t meal prep, and I don’t count my macros. 

I also don’t use supplements. I think whole food is always best. 

I think the rule is simple and I’ll repeat it again here: 

“Don’t eat like an asshole.” If you want good tissues, you’d better eat like it matters. Simple right? ⁣

Then I met the #800gChallenge® by OptimizeMe Nutrition.⁣⁣

Our business is about restoring and optimizing what the human body is supposed to be able to do. 

It turns out that most of what I teach is really about behavior change, long term behavior change. So when my eating behaviors radically improved for the better when I started aiming for the 800-gram life, I began to pay attention. Close attention. 

Even my wife who IS a nutrition ninja began to comment on what she was witnessing. ⁣⁣

My veggie and fruit intake went… up? Was this even possible? Yes, it was. 

My veggie and fruit diversity went through the roof! Why? It turns out I needed a reminder to eat more of the rainbow. Trust me, if you don’t mix it up, you can burn out on 800 grams of anything.⁣⁣

I started to eat more fruit. I don’t crush dried mangos from Trader Joe’s, but are you even aware of how many fruits are out there? 

Oh, btw, a palmful of blueberries is 50 grams. I reach for a bell pepper when I want a snack and eat it like an apple. 

I have always preached eating a veggie for breakfast, but now I feel like a total bada$ if I’m up on my gram count when I wrap that first meal of the day. 

My goal these days: 8 different types of fruits and veggies in a day on my way to 800 grams. ⁣”

“No single food quality intervention has changed my eating for the better the way that the #800gChallenge® from OptimizeMe Nutrition has. It has fundamentally and effortlessly improved the quality and nutrient density of my daily eating. I add my protein needs in on top of my 800-grams. At 45 years old, I didn’t realize I could still improve my performance and body composition. I guess I was kinda eating like a jerk?”⁣⁣⁣

Kelly Starrett

The Ready State

None of us can sustain a diet when we’re slaves to restriction, elimination, eating windows—especially in a time when we already have so much on our plate:  job, children, home-schooling, or travel.

It is possible to simplify your eating plan without sacrificing results or stressing out that you ate a donut.

That’s why I created the #800gChallenge®.

Where fad diets take foods away, the #800gChallenge® ADDS foods in.

Where most diets have impossible-to-sustain rules and restrictions, the #800gChallenge® has ONE simple rule:

1. Eat 800 grams (g) of fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, a day.

That’s it! No foods are restricted during the challenge; you continue to eat whatever else you want.

And you pick which fruits and vegetables to eat to reach those 800 grams, and you can weigh them cooked, canned (drained), frozen, or fresh.

Does it count?

Yes, they count

There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that count and are not on this list, because you know they count! Like apples, bananas, melons, squashes, all leafy greens, cabbage, etc.

✔️ Avocado

✔️ Baby food/squeeze packs – if only fruit or veggies and without oil, water, and/or sugar

✔️ Beans – canned items if in water and spices only (weighed drained)

✔️ Coconut (fresh/frozen chunks)

✔️ Corn as fresh kernels, corn on the cob

✔️ Edamame – if not dried

✔️ Fermented/pickled foods (e.g., kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles) – if the brine doesn’t have sugar

✔️ Guacamole – if the entire ingredient list is only fruits and veggies. See also Recipes 

✔️ Hummus – See Recipes 

✔️ Legumes (beans), lentils, and peas

✔️ Olives

✔️ Peas

✔️ Potatoes – if they are not commercially fried. As for mashed potatoes, see Recipes

✔️ Recipes made with fruits and veggies count if you can weigh the qualifying items before cooking/prepping and estimate your serving size

✔️ Salsa – if without added water, oil, or sugar. See also Recipes

✔️ Smoothies – See Recipes

✔️ Tofu – if beans and spices only

✔️ Tomato sauce – if without added water, oil, or sugar

No, they don’t count

❌ Store-bought or pre-made items that contain fruits or vegetables like soups, smoothies, frozen burritos

❌ Dried anything (including fruit, veggie chips, coconut flakes)

❌ Juices or milks of any kind

❌ Commercially fried anything like french fries or tempura

❌ Flours regardless of source

❌Grains of any kind (e.g., quinoa, buckwheat)

❌ Nuts including peanuts (a legume) & seeds

❌ Pasta regardless of source

❌ Popcorn

Do you have to weigh and measure it?

It is recommended you do at home, but no need to bring a scale to a restaurant or when you are traveling. To estimate: a closed adult fist is about 1 cup. About 6 cups (6 fists) ends up being very close to 800 grams.

The exception is leafy greens in salads that don’t weigh much. They only weigh ~25g/cup – so think about it as 6 cups a day and as many leafy greens as you want when you are estimating.

Is 800-grams the number for everyone?

Yes, 800 grams is the baseline and larger or more active people can scale up. It only ends up being about 500 calories, which is 25% or less of people’s caloric intake on average.

And remember, it fits on one dinner plate! A plate you would use for one meal!

Ready to stop diet-hopping, feeling hungry, and deprived?

The whole idea behind the #800gChallenge® is to keep it simple and sustainable. 

Great news! You don't have to "go it alone."

Learn the how and why of the #800gChallenge® with a 30-day program.

When you join the 30 Days of the #800gChallenge®, you get instant access to:

– Daily tips for 30 Days to make the #800gChallenge® part of your every day life. 

– Short-lessons each day that explain answers to your most frequently asked questions (what fruits and veggies are best? Isn’t this too much sugar? What about supplements?)

– Accountability and peer support via our #800gChallenge® Facebook Group until good nutrition is an easy everyday habit instead of a complicated experience in deprivation.

Plus you get BONUSES!


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Diets based on elimination aren't sustainable

"Say goodbye to diets and hello to REAL FOOD."

Hi, I’m EC (Eva Claire) Synkowski. I’ve worked as a fitness and nutrition coach for over 20 years. I have a Masters In Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. I’m a Certified Crossfit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4) and a TEDx speaker

Sorting out the “BS” from the truth is my trademark in the coaching industry. 

I help clients reset eating habits with realistic goals without the stress of “doing it right” or overly restrictive elimination diets.

And you know how a workout buddy helps you stick with your workouts? Nutrition is the same!

“She makes it simple and doable.”

This 30-day challenge is perfect if you’re ready to:

Age better
Shed pounds
Improve your fitness
Have more energy

Food restrictions
Timed eating
Tracking calories or macronutrients

What users really think about the #800gChallenge®

“I will be making this a lifestyle even after 30 days. Body composition has changed. Body fat is down. Weight down and inches lost. Consistency is key.”

Victor K.

“I lost 8lbs...but was more blown away by how I feel. Noticeable difference in how I feel physically and mentally when I wake up and I have great energy throughout the day and in the gym.”

I've done plenty of challenges and done all diets. This one was easily the best."

Andy P.

As someone who had never stuck with a food plan or was able to not cheat on a diet plan, this was great.

I felt sluggish at first but then seemed to hit a stride. After 3 weeks, I often had my 800 grams in before dinner. It was great knowing I didn't have to give anything up.

I did eat less bad stuff because I was so full from the good stuff."

Bill G.

I guarantee this is the simplest eating plan you'll ever experience. I also guarantee you'll be happy with this 30 Days of the #800gChallenge® program: there's a 10-Day money back guarantee.

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