"The #800gChallenge® is the bomb... My training is through the roof; I have zero cravings. If I want to be a human and have a drink or pizza, I don't hate myself after. Hormonally, I feel like a million bucks."
Mattie A.
“Running the #800gChallenge® was the easiest challenge we have run at our two gyms. Having OptimizeMe Nutrition supply all the content needed each week was awesome... We've always been put off running challenges because of the extra workload putting it together.”
Ben Breen
CrossFit Soul Rebel Greensborough & Thornbury

"We loved the #800gChallenge®. We've never been comfortable with all the dogma in the nutrition scene so this was a breath of fresh air."
Solidarity CrossFit

Understanding Food: The Basics Matter

Check out our new online audio course: Understanding Food – The Basics Matter.

While the physiology is incredibly interesting, good nutrition comes down to the daily application – what you eat day in and day out. Over 2 hours of content dedicated to understanding the components of food and how that is relevant to your health. This course gives you the scientific basis and rationale for making better choices in your daily diet.


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